Host a Ukrainian Visitor in Your Home or Business

Hosting a visitor from Ukraine can be a rewarding and gratifying experience for individuals and families of all ages, backgrounds and professions. Opportunities exist to build friendships, partner in businesses, exchange ideas and develop understanding about life and culture in another part of the world. There are three ways that you may volunteer to be a host:

A Business or Professional HostProvides a professional and educational exchange of ideas between the visitor and the host. Hosts provide their guests with opportunities to closely observe business activity on a short-term, unpaid basis. The training can last from a few days to a couple of weeks and may include job-shadowing, rotation through departments of a business and/or daily interaction with employees. The most successful partnerships are formed when professional hosts take time to understand visitor needs and share with them their expertise.

Home HostAn opportunity to open your home and, whether it is just you, or a 10-member family, provide the visitor with a warm welcome and genuine hospitality. Hosting is done on a volunteer basis and can be as short a time as a family meal together. It can also be an overnight, a two-three week visit, or a longer stay. It is a time to exchange ideas, learn about different cultures while developing the bonds of friendship.

Transportation HostThis is a great way to help out and participate for those who cannot host in their homes or businesses. Our Ukrainian guests often need transportation to and from the airport and to scheduled events.

Current Opportunities There are currently no upcoming exchanges that call for host volunteers, although there may be other types of volunteer opportunities available. Please check the CKSCP news page to find out what’s happening now and in the future.