Children’s International Art Exhibit


Joint International Project of Children’s Creativity

Mariemont City Schools, Cincinnati   –   Kharkiv Art School #133 “Lyceum of Arts


Looking at the children’s works I see how special they are.  During these days of cancelled flights,
banned railway and bus trips as well as the necessity to stay at home and keep distance between
neighbors and friends, these pictures hav become the perfect means of communication between the
young artists of Kharkiv and Cincinnati. 
 Iryna Bakumenko, President  KCSCP










The best way to learn is to embed yourself in new and different surroundings, and this is what
I want to do for my students: expose them to new things, help them think more globally, see
possibilities, and consider others’ perspectives without judgement.  How appropriate then, that
the theme for this year’s show is “Transportation.”  Our students now have another chance to
see and reflect on the art and creativity of their peers in Ukraine. 
 Shelley Komrska, Curator of the American Students’ Art – Mariemont City Schools


Our thanks to …

The Teachers of the Kharkiv Art School #133 “Lyceum of Arts”
Irina Alexandrova, Viktoria Ceryakova, Marina Rudenko
Sergii Grichanok – Curator of the Ukrainian Students’ Art

Mariemont City Schools Teachers
Ann  Hobart, Ashley Scribner, Emily Anderson, Jane Spooner, Kelsey Thueneman, Melissa Marker
Shelley Komrska – Curator of the American Students’ Art