Official Delegations

Official Delegations represent Cincinnati and its counterparts in Ukraine. Delegates are chosen to represent a broad spectrum of leaders in various fields including government, business and other professions. Delegates are encouraged to meet their counterparts in partner cities and sow the seeds of future exchanges and programs. In addition, cultural groups are included to perform in partner cities.

A few examples of CKSCP Official Delegations:

  • August 2007 – Mayor Mallory and four others travel from Cincinnati to Kharkiv to help celebrate the day of liberation of Kharkiv from the Nazis (August 23) and Ukraine’s Independence Day (August 24). Persons in delegation:
    • Mark Mallory, Mayor of Cincinnati
    • Stan Bahler, President of CKSCP
    • Carla Walker, Mayor Mallory’s Chief of Staff
    • Jason Barron, Communications Director, City of Cincinnati
    • Kurt Byrd, Cincinnati Police Lieutenant and CKSCP Board Member
  • Five Greater Cincinnatians travel to Kharkiv to take part in the celebration of the 350th anniversary of the founding of the city of Kharkiv. The Director of the Cincinnati Law Department and the President of CKSCP give legal seminars as part of a Community Connections follow-on program.
  • 21 delegates, including Mayor Roxanne Qualls, travel to Kharkiv for the celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the Sister City relationship between the cities of Cincinnati, USA and Kharkiv, Ukraine.
  • 33 delegates, including Mayor Roxanne Qualls, travel to Kharkiv in May `95 Civic & Cultural Delegation and explore cooperation in business, economic development, culture, education, social & humanitarian concerns, medicine, environment & professional exchange.
  • Delegation of 51 Kharkivites participates in “Middfest International Festival” in Middletown, Ohio featuring Ukrainian culture (including graphic arts, dance & music) and a Business Seminar.
    Delegation then participates in “Kharkiv Days in Cincinnati (KDC) featuring cultural exchange, business activity and the drafting of a “Memorandum of Understanding” outlining over 100 proposed areas of cooperation for the coming year. 28-member dance group participates in “KDC” boosting total Ukrainians hosted in Cincinnati homes to 79. September 19945 Kharkivites participate as delegates, organizers, interpreters, and entertainment for the 1991 US/USSR Sister Cities Conference. Approximately 450 delegates from over 130 US and Soviet sister cities participate.
  • First official delegation from Kharkiv to Cincinnati; it represented government, manufacturing, construction, the press, food industry, the Russian Orthodox Church and the Jewish community. In addition, a Ukrainian dance troupe and an opera singer. The Memorandum of Understanding outlined a number of areas of cooperation.
  • First official delegation from Cincinnati to Kharkiv headed by Vice-Mayor Peter Strauss, with ten others.

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With most exchanges come volunteer opportunities for members of our community. Find out about hosting Ukrainian visitors in your home and other CKSCP volunteer opportunities.