Kharkiv and Mariemont Students Exhibit Art in Cincinnati and Kharkiv

Mariemont Art Teacher Shelly Komrska shares her experience collaborating with Sergi Grichanok from Kharkiv Art School #133.


As the Mariemont art teachers hung the show, it was really inspiring to see the different styles of the Ukrainian students’ work.  Their c raftsmanship and rendering of the human figure are outstanding. We inspected each piece and tried to discern how it was made and what supplies were used.  It was great when Sergei arrived and we could ask him! Conversely, he took photographs at Mariemont Elementary, was interested in new supplies he saw in our art classroom and did some experimenting of his own. New project ideas were born on each side.

At the show, it was wonderful to see the students and their families looking intently at the artwork. They took time in front of the panels to really see what the artists from Ukraine were communicating. Students inherently understood that kids in Ukraine also ride bikes, jump rope, and have picnics with their families. We also had a map on display so students could see where Kharkiv is located and realize the distance between Cincinnati and there. 




A goal for the Mariemont City School District is that our students become Global Learners. This endeavor has aligned beautifully with this objective. Our families are thrilled that their work will be on display in another country. At the same time, the students’ worlds became bigger and a little smaller too.  And personally, after having communicated with Sergei via email for months, it was fantastic to be able to spend some time with him, as art teacher colleagues, and share thoughts and ideas (thank you Google Translate!). He is now a friend!